Jogger, The (Short Film)


Jogger posterStarring Dan Baker-Moor, Gerick Schroeder

Directed by Kevin Doherty

The terrors of a public restroom – if the dirty floors, crudded up seats, and lack of soap aren’t enough to put the fear of Jesus into you, what if you were locked in a stall during a number 2 mission, and there just happened to be a crazed lunatic outside, just waiting to cut you up?

Well, thanks to the beauty of indie-filmmaking (and a lack of structure), we’ve got JUST the short film for those lovers of bathroom assaults – director Kevin Doherty slams the lid on The Jogger, a tale of a man who simply wanted to go for a run…then ended up with the runs…then wished he was on the run. Seem simple enough? That’s because it is. Baker-Moor plays Mr. Bennett, a regular chum who is hiding a serious health scare from everyone but his own doctor, and one morning feels that a good scamper will clear his mind. Halfway into his mini-marathon, he gets hit with stomach pains, and it’s off to find a crapper before the shit really hits the fan (or the street).

Once inside, he finds himself in a life and death struggle against a mysterious man who is clearly off his porcelain, and is looking to take out his frustration on someone who’s indisposed. At a scant 22 minutes of totality, there isn’t much more to squeeze out, other than the fact that for such a short-runtime, there are spots that drag, and if the attempt at horror and comedy was the desired mixture, it only hit on a very small scale. My advice on this fecal-excursion – stock up on the Imodium, and skip the jog.

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User Rating 3.08 (13 votes)


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