Messiah (Short Film)


messiah 194x300 - Messiah (Short Film)Starring Megan Duffy, Rachel Langdon, Joey Kloberdanz

Directed by Mark Grabianowski

Door-to-door religious zealots passing out brochures can be as annoying as… well, I’m afraid I don’t have anything else to gauge them against – they’re pretty much in a band of their own, and when they come a knockin’, wanting to speak with us about the virtues of the lord, or their church, you feel as cornered as a rat in a trap.

Director Mark Grabianowski’s 9-minute short film, Messiah is a cool view about the persistence of these followers, and their true meaning for knuckle-dusting our doors with pamphlets in hand. Megan Duffy stars as a woman living by herself when one day she spots a brochure left on the doorstep advertising the arrival of the “Messiah” – giving it the old paper airplane treatment, it’s quickly dismissed…that is until another visit is warranted. Grabianowski keeps it pure and simple, yet manages to infuse a little cultish-creepiness into his creation. What more can you say? We’ve all been there, we’ve all dealt with these people, but how far has one gone to spread “the word?”

If you have the chance, give this one a peek…and for the sake of the lord, if one of these people happen to darken your doorstep in the future, introduce them to your dog if you have one, but don’t let them in to chat, unless you’ve got more than time to spare.

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User Rating 3.42 (12 votes)
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