Pity (Short Film)

pity 203x300 - Pity (Short Film)Starring Jake Martin

Directed by John Pata

There is no greater pain than a loss – be it from a death, or a breakup. It can rip at the heartstrings and reduce a strong individual into a complete wreck, and the transformation is equally as sad to witness…so why not make a short out of it?

Director John Pata’s Pity is quick, to the point, and a depressing view of a man (Jake Martin) who is seemingly at the end of his rope, whittled down to a sobbing, drunk, regretful soul that is running on fumes, and sputtering to a despondent conclusion. Any viewer can surmise where this 7-minute jump into the throes of abasement is heading, yet you’re a front-seat witness to it, and you’re powerless to stop it. Positives include the performance of Martin as the overwhelmed and unnamed man in the automobile, as his grief and torment are palpable, and combined with a storm outside to match his internal tempest – we’ve got a visual treat…if you consider someone’s misery a treat to watch, you sickos.

If there were a downturn, it would be the inability to visually conclude our leading man’s apparent terminus, however if you’re watching intently, you get the picture. Pata’s vision is dark, and should warrant a full-scale, budgeted feature soon (hopefully), but in the meantime, feel free to give up a paltry 7 minutes of your day and watch someone else with a problem solve it with a bang.

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