Who Goes There Podcast: Ep306 – GODZILLA VS KONG

Life, is fleeting. One day you’re alive and well, and the next, your ashes and being delicately sprinkled in a rose garden. And during this time, essentially all we want, is freedom. We want the freedom to give in to our primal instincts. We’re taught to believe we have the freedom to go wherever and say whatever we want, but we can’t.

Day after day we drag our bodies to a job we hate, to work for a prick we can’t stand, to get money for the things we need to stay alive. All the while we ignore our mental health, our physical well-being, and our relationships. We’re spending our lives toiling away in the hopes that one day we can save enough money to pay for a few days of distraction of how shitty and futile our own existence is.

Maybe that’s what 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong is all about: the desire to break from from the prison that’s been created for you, breaking the literal and metaphorical chains that bind you and giving in to that most primal beast inside! Or maybe it’s just a stupid fuckin movie about an ape and a lizard fighting.

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram.

Free me. Free me. Make love to me again. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 306!

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