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Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Ouessem, The Horde (2009)

First off, if you haven’t yet seen The Horde, what the fuck are you waiting for?? This is a fantastic zombie flick that may not redefine the zombie genre, but it will entertain the shit out of you. Everyone in the film kicks ass, but none more so than Ouessem (Jean-Pierre Martins). This crazy bastard relishes in killing zombies, and when he and the group get trapped in a parking garage, he sacrifices himself. But he doesn’t just curl up into the fetal position and eat a bullet. Hell no. He goes out in one of the best blazes of glory ever put on film. When he stands up on the hood of the car, you’ll be standing and cheering him on.

Zombies The Horde1 - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Marion, Undead (2003)

This movie really surprised me. When it starts, you immediately think you’re in for a long, shitty movie. The film doesn’t look all that good, the camera work is pretty basic, and even the soundtrack isn’t very impressive. But then the film hits its stride and you start having a lot of fun. When Marion (Mungo McKay), who is presented as the “town looney,” shows up, this film gets really fun and bloody really fast. Marion has an arsenal of homemade weapons, and he truly loves unleashing them on the legions of the undead. His trademark gun is a triple shotgun he welded together. It’ll totally remind you of the shotgun Reggie makes in Phantasm 2. Good times.

Zombies Undead - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Tom Hunt, Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

This film could have so easily fallen into melodrama and being too preachy, but writer-director Kevin Hamedani and writer Ramon Isao never forget they’re primarily making a zombie film. Tom Hunt (Doug Fahl) has come home with his boyfriend to the small community of Port Gamble to come out of the closet to his mom. What he didn’t expect was his mom being bit by a zombie and slowly turning into the undead during the dinner (in a scene that is an obvious homage to the luncheon scene in Dead Alive). Tom may start off as a very reluctant zombie killer, but by the end he is kicking ass and not caring about names. It seems he came out of the closet twice: once as a gay man and another as an ass-kicking zombie killer!!

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Written by Scott Shoyer

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