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The Best Horror Films You Haven’t Seen

End of the Line (2007); directed by Maurice Devereaux

I love, love, love this film!! It’s one part old-school slasher, one part killer cult, one part apocalyptic, and a whole bunch of parts fun. The story is brilliant and will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the gore is second to none. Writer-director Devereaux avoids the typical pitfalls of this type of film and really gives the viewer something unique in the end. There are also more than a few “show-stopper” moments, and the ending is fantastic.

Dread End Line1 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Long Pigs (2007); directed by Nathan Hynes & Chris Power

The second indie horror film on my list (the first being Joshua), Long Pigs has the by now familiar setup of a documentary crew following around a cannibalistic serial killer (played brilliantly by Anthony Alviano). What could have easily turned into a spoof of the genre ends up being an extremely insightful examination of a serial killer, his motives, and what makes him tick. Full of great dialogue and gore effects, you’ll be curious how the filmmakers pulled this one off on an estimated budget of $250,000 (Canadian). The scene where the crew takes the killer to interview his first victim’s father… well, it’ll send chills up and down your spine. This is a great film that totally works.

Dread Pigs1 1024x513 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

The August Underground Trilogy (2001, 2003, 2007); directed by Fred Vogel

Buckle up your seat belts and be prepared for a barrage of some of the most intense, violent, sadistic, and brutal scenes ever to be put on film… and the camera never flinches or turns away. All the death and torture are right up in your face. Two serial killers grab a video recorder and film their killing spree. That’s the plot. You’ll be disgusted and sickened, but you’ll never forget this trilogy.  You’ve been warned.

Dread Vogel2 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

The Cottage (2008); directed by Paul Andrew Williams

This is another of those mish-mash movies that combine two genres. This time it combines the kidnapping and the slasher genres and does it extremely well. Two guys kidnap the daughter of a mob boss, hoping to get a huge ransom for her. Little did they know she is one of the most foul-mouthed, pain-in-the-ass broads who won’t listen to a word they say. What makes matters worse is they take their victim to a remote location where the only other property around them is a cottage. And just wait until you see what’s waiting for them in that cottage!!

Dread Cottage3 1024x685 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Pontypool (2008); directed by Bruce McDonald

In this film, perhaps the most original take on the zombie genre ever (even though they never use the word “zombie”), the fantastic Stephen McHattie is a shock jock in a remote radio station in Canada. Reports start slowly coming in about some kind of outbreak that’s causing people to become extremely violent and even kill each other. The brilliance here is that the viewer finds out the info the same time McHattie’s character does so we are in the dark just like the other characters are. Just wait till you find out what the cause of the “infection” is. This is one of the smartest horror flicks out there. Don’t miss it.

Dread Pontypool2 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

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Written by Scott Shoyer


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