It’s Man Vs Something Otherworldly in New Found Footage Film


Over the years man has faced off against just about every imaginable and unimaginable creature. Speaking of the latter, a new found footage flick is on its way which pits Man Vs.

It’s directed by Adam Massey, and you can check out the official trailer and plot crunch for Man Vs below.

As host of his own hit WebTV series “MAN VS,” Doug Woods must survive for five days in remote locations. No crew, food, or water are permitted… just the cameras he carries on his back to film his experiences. Whilst making an otherwise routine episode set in a remote woodland, Doug is awoken by an earth-shaking crash, and it quickly becomes clear that he isn’t alone. Someone or something is watching him.

This gripping “found footage” thriller about one man’s extraordinary desire to survive at all costs is fast-paced, tense, and delivers a very smart sci-fi film.

Man Vs.



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