The Dead Files – Detective Steve DiSchiavi and Medium Amy Allan Talk New Season 7


Recently we had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion regarding the upcoming season of Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files,” starring Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan. Read on for the goodies of what you can expect from one of the best damned paranormal shows ever.

Steve, a former NYPD homicide detective, and Amy, a physical medium, travel to all-new haunted locations in the show’s seventh season, premiering Saturday, April 25th.

Steve researches the facts and history behind each location, interviewing witnesses and experts. Amy communicates with the dead to understand what paranormal activity lies within each location. Keeping their investigations separate from one another, they never speak until the end, when they come together to reveal their findings for the client.

In the season premiere, Steve and Amy head to Montego Bay, Jamaica, in their first international case to investigate frightening claims of paranormal activity at a tropical resort. And now I turn it over to both Steve and Amy to talk a little bit about the premiere and the upcoming season. Steve?

Steve DiSchiavi: Yes, the season premiere is pretty exciting for us because we’ve never been out of the country doing an episode. This one was in Montego Bay, Jamaica, which is pretty exciting because I’ve never been there. I heard a lot of spooky stuff about Jamaica, but I didn’t realize they had such a rich history as far as uprising and slavery and everything that went with it. So it was pretty interesting to investigate all that.

Amy Allan: It was absolutely a fascinating location to do because it’s so beautiful there, and yet, there’s this darkness that comes from the history of all of the things that happened there and the horrors that befell so many people over such a long period of time.

And so it’s really strange to go to this beautiful island, do the walk and see all of these horrifying things that happened, and then to go to the reveal and learn that it really was just terrible. So it was very shocking; a very shocking case.

Q: What’s it like to investigate outside of the country, particularly for you, Steve, because usually you deal with the local authorities in the US? Is it a little different working with them in a different country?

Steve DiSchiavi: It was a little difficult. Logistically, it was a nightmare. But what I found interesting is how passionate everybody in that country is about their history. They went through a lot in that country. And everybody wants to talk about it. Everybody has an opinion about what happened in that country. So it was pretty exciting. Trying to get people to talk about it wasn’t the hard part. It was just getting the facts straight because there was a lot of rumor in that country that’s not really factual.

Q: Amy, for your walkthrough, did you experience anything different, being that it was a different environment than you were used to investigating?

Amy Allan: I definitely encountered individuals that were from time periods that were much further in the past historically than what I’m used to dealing with in America. You know, these people were ancient compared to the entities that I encounter in America most often. And so that was interesting. Also, just seeing all the trials and tribulations that people went through. And just also the entities that were there that were non-human were very different and very fascinating. There’s the spiritual element that people still practice there, and that’s different than in America. They’re much more open there to dealing with these things and appreciating their existence. So that was fascinating.

Steve DiSchiavi: It’s an interesting episode because of the fact that, where we investigated, they had a story they’ve been telling for years. They were a little annoyed with me because they weren’t telling the right story. It was actually a fabrication of a couple of different stories that was totally untrue. So I think I annoyed them a little bit with my investigation by bringing out the truth.

Q: Amy, could you describe the various types of spiritual entities you encounter?

Amy Allan: Honestly, it would take a lot of time to go over the various types of entities that exist. But I would say that I am noticing that there are entities that we’ll say are demons or devils. They seem to be becoming more prevalent. I call them that because that’s something linguistically that the public can relate to, those types of names, demons and devils, equating to something that’s evil and has never been human. A poltergeist is actually a living person and extends from a living agent. It’s someone who has psychokinetic abilities and can affect their environment. So those are a couple of the different types of entities that I encounter.

Q: With this growing number of evil entities, do you think that the world is just becoming more evil?

Amy Allan: I think that people are just becoming more aware of things that are influencing them. And a lot of people talk about the veil of becoming a sinner and all of this. I think that is just more of a heightened awareness among living people. And they perceive these things more and more frequently, it seems. It’s both good and bad; not just bad but also good. But I think the problem, as far as actually acknowledging that these things exist, is becoming more so than in the recent past.

Q: Do we all exist on the same realm, or is this a case of overlapping dimensions?

Amy Allan: No. There’s definitely different dimensions. Absolutely.

Q: Now that you guys have started doing investigations internationally, which is such a godsend, I’m guessing, for the series itself because fans always wanted to see what would happen in other countries, is there any place you would want to really go to, or any particular case that you’ve heard about, that you and Amy would like to investigate?

Steve DiSchiavi: Well, for me, personally, I’m really interested in learning about other people’s cultures when it comes to the afterlife and what they think. You know, obviously, something’s going on. I have my own opinions, but I’m very curious. I’d love to go to Southeast Asia, areas like Switzerland… you name it, I’d love to go. We have a lot of friends in Australia. I’d love to go down there and see what’s cooking.

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