Top 10 Horror Movie Drugs of Choice

I, like you, love really good horror.  We’re talking mean, really scary, make you pee your pants, hide behind shit cause the boogeyman might jump out of that screen, leave on all the lights horror.  It’s like a drug to most of us fans, and no matter how hard we try, we haven’t been able to get enough of it.

The Haunting - Top 10 Horror Movie Drugs of Choice

I have been “chasing the dragon” since the first time I injected horror into my mind, and the drug was the 1963 movie The Haunting, which scared the living fuck out of me.  At only about 7 years old when I saw it, it was impossible not to think that damned ghost was going to come into my room that night and kill me.  It was scarier than shit, but the rush was beautiful, and I had to have more.

Next there was a movie called Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957).  Yeah, yeah, I know that it was a comedy/horror movie, but when you’re a little kid and you see those out of control heads on those alien fucks, you about shit your pants and hide behind your mom’s old stereo.

Upon finding Vincent Price, he became my “drug dealer.”  He was a genius. He had the best stuff, and the one movie of his that kept me high as a kid was The House on Haunted Hill (1959). Here’s a movie had everything any fan could ask for: Vincent Price, his voice, and murderous ghosts.  The mere thought of staying in a haunted house for one night for $10,000 was so hot to me.  Hell, most horror buffs would do it now for free.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) was a mind-fuck and so amazingly frightening.  The thought of dead people walking the earth eating people is undeniably frightening, and this film continues to both gross out and scare the fuck out of people to this day. Romero’s film is the very definition of the term “classic.” Besides, I’ve never been able to look at chicken, ham, and chocolate syrup the same way again.


John Carpenter’s Halloween ruined babysitting for the majority of my gender, and rightly so.  Speaking as someone who has babysat, I’ll be damned if I wasn’t looking over my shoulder at every noise out there.  Lord help the kid who came up behind me after I thought they were sleeping.

Night of the Demons may have been cheesy, but that bitch Angela was scary with a capital “S.” That face only a mother could love, that voice, and the way she just floats along like she doesn’t give a shit combine as the perfect recipe for a fine case of the creeps.

Anyone who has seen this movie knows the creep factor in it. The video that they find of the crew that was there before them is enough to make you say “nope” and turn it off, but neither the film’s stars nor the viewers have the power to do so.  You just keep subjecting yourself to the brilliant evil that is Event Horizon.

Burnt Offerings is worth the watch just because of the late Oliver Reed’s overacting that he does so well. And we can’t forget about Karen Black and those eyes of hers. The creep factor goes off the scale when you find out what is in Mrs. Allardyce’s room.

Bruce Campbell, demons who are just dying to take your pathetic soul, and a rape tree.  Nothing more needs to be said about The Evil Dead.

The Shining is another brilliant mind-fuck.  I don’t know what’s scarier: Jack, those little twin girls who desperately wanted to play with Danny, or that lovely lady in Room 237. What say you?

There are so many good horror movies out there, but the great ones are few.  To this day the search continues for a movie that will scare the shit out of us all, but damn it’s hard to find.  Sadly, I find myself craving that fix, and the “drugs” just aren’t like they used to be. A good one though? That high can last for days.

What are your horror movie “drugs” of choice?  What gets you off and satisfies you for days on end?  Tell us in the comments below. I’ve shown you mine; now you have to show me yours.