Short Film Call Girl Reimagined in Comic Book Form, Read it For Free!


Jill Sixx Gevargizian, director of the short film Call Girl, recently contacted Dread Central to tell us about an interesting project that spawned from her movie. A bit of fan art has now turned into a full-length comic book based on Call Girl, and it’s available for free right now!

According to Gevargizian, Japanese artist Daiju Kurabayashi sent her a doodle of Call Girl star Tristan Risk one day a few months back. This led to the pair working together on a project that would eventually become a full-blown Call Girl comic. Kurabayashi even added a prologue to the story and a new ending (Call Girl (review here) was originally written by Eric Havens). “The artwork is unbelievable,” Gevargizian said.

Helping tie the whole thing together was Hiro Fujii, who writes a horror blog in Japan. He was a producer on the project and helped with some of the translations between Gevargizian and Kurabayashi. And here’s the best part…you can see Call Girl and read the comic for free online!

Simply follow this link to access the Call Girl comic. If you haven’t seen the film, which stars the aforementioned beauty Tristan Risk and The Human Centipede 2 star Laurence R. Harvey, you can also see it there as well. Watch the movie, read the comic, and enjoy all this free entertainment!

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