5 Reasons You Have to See Wolfcop


Werewolf flicks are suddenly back in style, and that’s absolutely bad ass. The lycanthrope hasn’t been subject to too many awesome cinematic tellings in the last two decades, so anytime a new film featuring the hairy beast surfaces, and it actually manages to entertain on a memorable level, it’s important to take note. Over the past few years Late Phases, Wolves, Wer and President Wolfman have stalked from the darkness to entertain audiences (each for noticeably different reasons), but the truth is they may all pale in comparison to Lowell Dean’s insanely inspired romp Wolfcop.

Right from the jump viewers are thrust into an absurd world where cops are known alcoholics, cults roam about brazenly and werewolves aren’t just things of legend. It’s balls to the wall immediately as our heroic man of the law, Lou, finds himself transformed into an aggressive monster with overgrown incisors. Fortunately for the few decent human beings in this shady small town, Lou doesn’t lose sight of the law even when the hair overtakes him. Rather, he has a blast executing justice as it should be executed. This is one werewolf to cheer for.

There are a number of valid reasons you should be looking into Wolfcop. But these are the five primary reasons to jump into an outlandish experience.

wolfcop - 5 Reasons You Have to See Wolfcop

Homerun Humor: Lowell Dean doesn’t have a wealth of experience in the screenwriting department, but that is going to change in the wake of the arrival of Wolfcop. Dean is hilarious. He knows when to pull the punches and when to deliver certified zingers. And those zingers come in abundance. The punchlines are fantastic, the physicality that he commands of his actors is top notch and his situational comedy is spot on. The film is meant to be ludicrous, and it is, but it’s ludicrous for all the right reasons. Amazing dialogue anchors the picture and Dean wins big points for crafting the right things to say at the perfect moments.

Jonathan Cherry the Show Stealer: Genre fans will most likely recognize Jonathan Cherry for his work as the doped up loser that gets sliced into pieces in Final Destination 2. But he’s got a few other credits on his ledger that are worth a look (Goon is a preposterous but entertaining flick, and he turns in a solid showing in the Robert Harmon helmed creeper They). Those pics however, pale in comparison to his work in Wolfcop, what is undoubtedly the man’s finest onscreen performance. Cherry makes the quirky sidekick cool as all hell and he delivers the bulk of laugh out loud one-liners. This guy needs to land more gigs, and Wolfcop completely proves that.

Throwback Greatness: We see movies attempt to capture the nostalgia that comes affixed with classic films from the ’70s and ’80s on a regular basis. Sometimes the effect works, sometimes it fails, and sometimes the method comes across as so convincing we get lost in the beauty of it all, forgetting we’re witnessing an homage piece rather than an actual vintage flick. Wolfcop captures the essence of yesteryear so well it’s easy to become confused and believe we’re actually watching a stellar B-movie straight out of 1985. The aesthetics are perfect, with a grainy image and straight forward camera shots that mirror a golden time for horror productions. If you’re looking to take a brief trip back in cinematic time, Wolfcop is the flick you’re looking for.

Gross When it Needs to Be: It’s hard to call Wolfcop an excessively graphic picture. It’s just not gruesome enough to garner that form of a label. However, it has some really, really nasty moments that you’ve got to see to believe. Take for example one of Lou’s earliest transformations. It unfolds in a bathroom where the man is battling a sudden illness. Things aren’t going well for the drunkard, but they get insanely bad when he heads for the urinal to relieve his bladder… and we watch his junk swell, spit open and make way for a giant wolf-cock (am I coining that term right now?). It’s a shocking moment, and it isn’t the only one to behold. There’s just enough nastiness in the movie to sate the appetite of those hungry for the disgusting.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Wolfcop weighs in with an extremely brief 79 minute run time. But even short flicks can feel like an eternity when the stars fail to align. Such is not the case here. This flick flies by so fast it’s astounding, and that all comes down to the fact that every moment is a genuine blast. There isn’t a single lull in the action and the comedic quips helps to propel the picture toward the rewarding finale in what feels like the blink of an eye. In fact, this one unravels so quickly that you may just want to watch it a second time in succession because, well, time flies when you’re having fun… and Wolfcop defines “fun”.

Looking for a bonus sixth reason to check the picture out? It’s available right now via Netflix’s streaming service. Of all the killer flicks featured on Netflix right now, Wolfcop ranks amongst the very best. Watch it… immediately!

Written and directed by Lowell Dean, the film stars Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Aidan Devine, Jesse Moss, Sarah Lind, Jonathan Cherry, and Corrine Conley.

Officer Lou Garou isn’t the best cop in small-town Woodhaven – in fact, he’s probably the worst. He mostly just looks to avoid anything that could possibly interfere with his goal of getting wasted. One evening during the night shift, Lou investigates a mysterious disturbance at the edge of town and wakes up with a pentagram carved in his chest, heightened senses, and body hair that’s growing at an alarming rate. To solve the mystery of his transformation, he’ll have to take on a case no normal cop would be able to solve, but this half-man, half-beast is not just a cop… he’s a WOLFCOP.

wolfcop - 5 Reasons You Have to See Wolfcop

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