Real Life Possessed Dolls FOR SALE

Most of us have spent a lifetime trying to steer as far clear of haunted childhood toys as possible. However, we’ve learned that there is actually a market out there for haunted/possessed dolls. Folks, this is the definition of asking for it! Check this out.

A recent article that appeared on revealed to the unsuspecting public that there is serious business in the collection and trade of dolls thought to be haunted by demonic spirits. What the fuck?! (That’s right, we even wrote the whole thing out. This is way too insane for just a blasé WTF!) According to paranormal investigator and haunted doll aficionado Jayne Harris, “Most of the time, the reason a doll becomes haunted is because of unfinished business. It could also be a fear of passing over, or sometimes there’s somebody on the other side that the spirits don’t want to reconnect with.” All the more reason to avoid these playthings of the devil!

As you can see by the doll auction listing below, these things can go for some serious coin. How an item description that includes a doll whose eyes follow you wherever you go, will move position to continue watching you, always turns up naked no matter how many times you put her dress back on (Actually, I knew a girl like that in college. Bazinga!), and you can hear running around the house at night getting into things accompanied by ‘disgusting’ male laughter…are you kidding me?! Not to mention she’s sexually abusive to the other dolls…wait, what? How’s that even possible? Anyway, at the close of the auction, this doll sold for about $1,500. Wow.

A search of eBay’s listings of recently completed ‘possessed doll’ auctions revealed that if you’re actually insane enough to get involved in this hobby, you can totally get in for under $100 most of the time. But holy hell, why would you want to?

dolllisting - Real Life Possessed Dolls FOR SALE

Nancy Oyola has her own Etsy page that’s absolutely loaded with these things. She inherited about 300 of the little buggers. The sheer number of items must make the critical thinker say, “Okay, there’s somehow a market for haunted dolls. This person is capitalizing on the hype and selling dolls that maybe aren’t quite as haunted as she claims they are.” But they must be! The proof is in the feedback, and Oyola has 266 reviews on her page and holds a 4.5 out of 5 average rating. That’s a lot of satisfied customers!

For more on the haunted doll culture, visit Jayne Harris’ wildly popular Haunted Dolls Facebook page (over 13,000 likes). And by all means, Dreadies, let’s go with the ol’ Buyer Beware slogan here. Maybe more here than anywhere.

dollsandjayne - Real Life Possessed Dolls FOR SALE

haunteddoll - Real Life Possessed Dolls FOR SALE

haunteddolls - Real Life Possessed Dolls FOR SALE

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Written by Scott Hallam

We all go a little mad sometimes...haven't you?


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