How to Meet the Anti-Christ


Lars Von Trier makes a scavenger huntEveryone has a dream of working in one capacity or another in Hollywood, whether it be a fluffer gig on the newest Andrew Blake film or directing Tom Cruise to “reel it in a bit.” Lars Von Trier, being the independent free-thinker that he is, wants to help one Danish movie fan get one step closer to his or her dream by offering a chance to be an extra in his next horror film, Anti-Christ.

How does he intend to do that? Well, he’s developed yet another interesting idea for his latest film, The Boss of it All, to include what he’s calling “Lookeys.” Trier describes it as a mind game with the movie as the board on which it’s played. A Lookey is a “visual disturbance” that is out of context within the film, and it’s up to the audience to find them.

The first Danish cinemagoer to spot all the Lookeys in Boss will get a prize of $5,630 (odd number) and the chance to be an extra in Anti-Christ. Not too bad for what is essentially asking his audience to just pay a bit more attention to the film they’re watching, though who knows just how subtle the Lookeys really are, especially when Von Trier is calling it a “mind game.”

Stick around for more on Anti-Christ as we gather it!

Johnny Butane

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