Exclusive Northmen Clip Shows Why You Don’t Mess With Vikings

By Gareth Jones

The Vikings are coming! The Vikings and… Ryan Kwanten, in Claudio Fah’s bloody chase flick Northmen, which hits UK DVD on 27 April. In preparation for them coming ashore, we’ve nabbed an exclusive clip that demonstrates the brutal ingenuity of the titular rabble-rousers. Enjoy!

Northmen stars Tom Hopper (“Black Sails”), Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”), Ed Skrein (“Game of Thrones”), James Norton (Rush), and Charlie Murphy (Philomena) and marks the acting debut of Johan Hegg – vocalist for legendary Viking-themed Swedish metal band Amon Amarth.

Banished from their homeland by their own king, a group of ruthless Vikings bear down on Britain, intent on plunder and pillaging. Under the command of their daring leader, Asbjörn (Hopper), they embark on a dangerous mission: to rob the monasteries of their treasures and with it to buy back their freedom.

Their journey is disrupted, however, when they are caught in a vicious storm, which leaves them shipwrecked on the Scottish coast. Stranded behind enemy lines, their only chance of survival is to make it to distant Viking settlement Danelaw. En route, the Vikings successfully capture the feisty Lady Inghean (Murphy), daughter of King Dunchaid (Danny Keogh). The banished warriors seize their opportunity for a high ransom, but King Dunchaid, well-prepared in battle, summons his most ruthless mercenary army, the ‘Wolf Pack‘ – a band of men feared for their cruelty across the land.

It is only with the help of a mysterious monk called Conall (Kwanten) that the Northmen finally manage to escape from the ‘Wolf Pack’ and their merciless leaders, Hjorr (Skrein) and Bovarr (Anatole Taubman). As Conall leads the Vikings through the only safe route to Danelaw – the long-forgotten “Path of the Serpent” – a relentless race against time begins, a hunt for life and death.

Northmen UK DVD Sleeve - Exclusive Northmen Clip Shows Why You Don't Mess With Vikings