Petition to Release Uncut Carrie Remake


Every week we get an email telling us about a petition to have an uncut version of Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie remake released. I kid you not… every week. You have to admire the people behind this petition’s enthusiasm and gumption.

According to one of the several emails… the version shown at test screenings back in 2012 had more gore, brutal violence, character development, and much more including five alternate endings.

The version shown in theaters was hated by many because it did nothing original and was just a rehash of Brian De Palma’s movie. However, the original intention was to be closer to the book (something every version minus the 2002 TV remake failed to do).

Allegedly, the studio cut out everything good and just made it a modernized scene-for-scene version of the 1976 flick. They took the director’s vision and left over 30 minutes on the cutting room floor, not even to be put on the Blu-ray as deleted scenes. The petition currently has over 10,860 signatures. The studios haven’t picked a release date yet, but if there are more signatures, it could happen sooner than we think.

We here at Dread Central are happy to help out, and for these rabid fans I truly hope that this does happen ASAP. If interested, you can sign the Carrie petition here.

carrie - Petition to Release Uncut Carrie Remake