Sharlto Copley Talks Neil Blomkamp’s Alien; Would Play a Xenomorph

Sharlto Copley

Given Neill Blomkamp’s desire to keep working with the talent whom he loves, it’s a pretty good bet one way or the other that we’ll being seeing Sharlto Copley in Blomkamp’s upcoming Alien film. Knowing this, website Blastr caught up with Copley to nail down the 411.

From the site:

“We’ve had the conversation,” [Copley] said with a smile in his voice, “but it’s the familiar conversation with Neill every time he ends a movie, where he tells me he wants to put me in the next one but he can’t because, practically, it doesn’t make sense to do all of his movies with me. At some point, he has to go away, and then we’ll return and do something, which I fully understand. I never expected to be in all his films for two seconds.”

As to our initial question, Copley did clarify that “at the moment, no. I’m not in the Aliens [sequel]. But I’m super-excited he’s doing it, and it’s surreal to get to see him do something with a franchise that, for him and I, was one of our favorite all-time franchises.”

When we suggested he could do another mo-cap performance as a xenomorph, Copley perked up and said, “You know, he could put me in as a xenomorph, and no one would know. We know that I can do good performance capture now. Neill starts out very determined, but you never know as he gets closer to the time.”

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Sigourney Weaver is set to reprise her role of Ellen Ripley in the upcoming film, with Ridley Scott attached to produce. Michael Biehn is also likely to star.

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