Dredd 2 Likely Never Happening Says Alex Garland


Ever since the 2012 release of blood-soaked action flick Dredd, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Regardless, it is no closer to being made at the time of writing this, and sadly it seems that the same will be true for the rest of eternity. Read on for the crushing latest.

In an interview with MTV, Dredd screenwriter Alex Garland cut right to the chase when he was asked about the fate of the project, laying out the painful facts about this particular case.

One of the things that’s bugged me is that I feel like fans have been slightly exploited to a degree, by having things dangled in front of them,” said Garland. “The mechanics of film finance are complicated and tricky, and one thing that’s obvious and kind of irreducible is that if a film really bombs at the box office, it’s hard to get money for a sequel. And Dredd bombed.”

And that’s that. Dredd was a box office flop, no matter how much we loved it, and so a sequel is HIGHLY unlikely. Shame, but that’s just the way Hollywood works. So when you really enjoy a movie, no matter the genre, spread the word and make sure people support it!

You can watch the brief interview snippet below.




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