The Crow – Downton Abbey Star Joins Cast; More Details


More updates regarding The Crow reboot are coming out of the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention in addition to our exclusive news that Jack Huston would be playing Eric Draven in the film. The role of Shelly has been cast and more!

A video has surfaced from comics creator James O’Barr’s panel interview, and the man shares a lot of new details.

– Shelly (Eric’s deceased girlfriend, featured prominently in flashbacks in both the graphic novel and 1994 film) will be played by Jessica Brown Findlay (of “Downton Abbey”).  O’Barr said that she had been his number one choice for the role – and that while the contracts haven’t yet been signed, it seems all but a done deal.

Jessica Brown Findlay

– O’Barr noted that he was surprised at some of the bigger names circling the project (it was mentioned that a “Game of Thrones” actor is eying one of the parts).  He also stated that the bulk of the cast will be British.

– As with the graphic novel, the actual bird that accompanies Eric throughout the tale will speak to him.  O’Barr mentioned that the crow might be brought to life by way of some creepy stop-motion, a la the work of The Brothers Quay.

– The new film will shoot in Belgium, which surprisingly stands in quite well for Detroit in some spots.

– As with the original film, O’Barr has a say in the choice of soundtrack selections.  He said that there are several newer bands being looked at, and the chosen artists will write new songs specifically for the film.  In addition, there will be some actual Joy Division songs in the movie, as with the graphic novel it’s based on (the ’94 film only featured a Joy Division cover – Nine Inch Nails’ take on “Dead Souls”).

– O’Barr said that he hopes the new film will be successful so that a new franchise will emerge to tackle different characters in a variety of settings and time periods – unlike the previous franchise, which simply rehashed the original film over and over.  He also said that, if that were the case, the sequel would feature a very punk, Joan Jett-like female Crow as the lead.

Check out the video below.



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