ABCs of Superheroes Ready to Soil Your Spandex

Yeah, we’re very selective about coverage given to superheroes around here, but one look at this trailer and we knew that we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least bring it to your attention! Get ready for your first look at the forthcoming anthology flick ABCs of Superheroes.

Written and directed by Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer, ABCs of Superheroes stars Bai Ling, Uwe Boll, and a cast of 1000s!

ABCs of Superheroes brings you not only one or two or five, but no less than twenty-six of the most heroic and outrageous Superheroes and Supervillains of all time. From the Almighty Ape to the fabulous Zee-Men, this anthology feature film will have you laughing and screaming for more. The ultimate experience in Superpower!

abcs of superheroes - ABCs of Superheroes Ready to Soil Your Spandex

Written by Steve Barton

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