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11 Top Cops in Horror

WolfCop is here. A lycanthropic horror-comedy romp that just screams fun, WolfCop is nothing if not entertaining. To celebrate the release of the film, we’ve gone back and revisited the Top 11 Police Officers in Horror.

Now we’re not talking about private eyes or police force detectives, but flatfoots, beat cops, the boys in blue. To make this list, you’ve gotta be wearing the badge, sidearm holstered on your hip, and be dressed in uniform. Before we kick off this one, we’ve got some honorable mentions for you.

Just missing the Top 11 were Sheriff Andy Bellefleur from “True Blood” and Officer Deborah Morgan from “Dexter.” Both were detectives at one point or another in their respective series, but they also walked the beat. A shout goes out to two officer dads in iconic horror films. Sheriff Leigh Brackett (father of Laurie’s friend Annie) in Halloween and Lieutenant Donald Thompson (father of Nancy Thompson) in A Nightmare on Elm Street were not only doting dads, but they served and protected as well. We’d also like to throw a little love to New York Police Officer Ralph Sarchie, whose story was the inspiration for Deliver Us from Evil, and last, but certainly not least, is the PMS Cop. Ya gotta love it.

And now the…

topcops - 11 Top Cops in Horror

Army of the Damned – Officer Carpoza
It was a pure stroke of genius to cast wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence, as a police officer in Army of the Damned. Dreamer has the perfect look to play an officer of the law. He’s got the solid jaw, the apparently surly persona, and the burly physique. Carpoza goes on a routine house call in Army of the Damned, only to find out that it’s much more than he could ever have expected. Partnered with Thea Trinidad (better known in the wrestling community as TNA’s Rosita, who also made one helluva cop) as Officer Lawson, the two veterans of the squared circle made for fantastically believable officers in this supernatural, bloody adventure.

“Holliston” – Officer Duffy
You don’t normally associate a physically imposing, nearly 6’6″ horror veteran with outrageous comedy, but Derek Mears is more than just your average horror vet. Mears also just happens to be one hilarious individual, and a great illustration of that is his portrayal of Officer Duffy in Adam Green’s “Holliston.” Officer Duffy and his equally funny partner Officer Pappas (played by Colton Dunn) make for the perfect pair of flatfoots to try to rein in the shenanigans of the “Holliston” crew. Amid a slew of recurring characters played by horror legends in the beloved “by horror fans for horror fans” “Holliston” show, Officer Duffy is one of the best!

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Written by Scott Hallam

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