International Hills


Hills 2 poster (click to see it bigger)Strange how one little detail can change everything…

Apparently the US censors, who as you know are responsible for telling us what is and is not offensive, felt the image of a mutant dragging a dead body across the desert was perfectly fine for the US Hills Have Eyes 2 poster. Make that body alive, however, and you’ve got a whole other issue.

On your right you will see a teaser image for the international poster for Hills 2, which a reader pointed out from over on EatMyBrains. Apparently it was rejected outright by the MPAA, though I can’t imagine why. Personally I like both posters, though this one is a bit more disturbing. Click the image to see the whole thing!

Don’t forget that the first trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2 will be in front of Turistas, which opens in theaters today, so don’t miss it!

Johnny Butane

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