First Look: Re-Animator Figure!


All right, so tonight we hit preview night at the San Diego Comic Con, and while I know you guys are just dying for a full day’s write-up, you ain’t gonna get one. You’ll just have to die, I guess. What you will get is the fantastic news that SOTA Toys are making the first-ever Herbert West action figure! They had a 2-up model on display at their booth, and as you can tell, it’s pretty badass.

Jerry Macaluso, president of SOTA Toys, explained that the head is still a work-in-progress, so don’t take this as the final product. It’s just great that someone’s finally doing it…and including a Dr. Hill head in tray and an undead cat along with him, which we didn’t get a good pic of (sorry).

SOTA is in Booth #4429 if you’re hitting Comic Con this weekend, but if not, stay tuned for more cool revelations in the next few days!




Johnny Butane

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