Ghost Adventures’ Jay Wasley – Exclusive Interview


From there we decided to take some tweets from fans so that they could ask Jay their own questions. Dig it!


There’s definitely been a few of them. It’s such a hard question to answer. There’s different varying degrees. There are moments that aren’t necessarily scary, but they are way impactful and profound. Some of the absolute most scariest have been recently, but I cannot talk too much about them yet because I don’t want to spoil things. It’s all upcoming stuff. Zak’s Demon House is absolutely one of the most terrifying places I have ever been in my life. Goldfield, though… when we did the two nights there and seeing that rock lift up… it wasn’t exactly terrifying, but that just totally blew my mind. I still think about that today. It was easily some of the most amazing paranormal evidence I have ever seen or been a part of.

“The Wyoming Frontier Prison (Season 7, Episode 12, “Wyoming Frontier Prison”) was another one that got me. It was one of the earlier shows for me when Billy [Tolley] and I were setting up the nerve center together. It was just me and him in this old prison by ourselves. We’re hearing doors open and shut, etc. It was scary, man. The other guys were busy checking out another house and then they were gonna come to meet us. We got to the point in which there was so much activity going on… we were seeing things, our camera got thrown over… it was SO intense. We were like, ‘Okay, somebody has got to be in here,’ but there was no one there. That’s when a whole new kind of fear sets in, ya know? Some dangerous guy could have been there for all we knew. We searched the entire place and nothing. That scared the hell out me.

Even when I wasn’t yet doing the show and even in between episodes, I’m still an artist at heart. I’m a filmmaker and a musician. Right now I’m in post-production and editing a film I had shot. I also run my own production studio so no matter what, I’d still be working within the industry. Before “Ghost Adventures” I never knew you could make a career out of being into the paranormal,” says Wasley with a laugh. “I feel human beings need to create. We need that outlet. Ever since I was a kid I was playing music and making videos. I need that.


When I was pretty young; I grew up in a family that was very open. No one ever pushed me into any religion or anything like that. My parents allowed me to be a creative kid and explore what I was into. Try figuring things out, ya know? I remember I had a girlfriend way back in middle school. We would start looking into things that fascinated us like witchcraft and Christianity… we’d study Buddhism and just every religion out there. We wanted to explore each one, figure out the merits of each and which resonated with us. We’d have sessions in which we’d try different things but not anything like rituals and the like. Deep concentration, trying to think of things, meditation. There was one time that we had gone into the wood to do the same thing and put our energies out there. Suddenly the energy just shifted to something dark. I had never experienced anything like that before. However, now that I’m on “Ghost Adventures,” I end up feeling different kinds of shifts quite often. When there’s a dark entity nearby, you can feel the changes in the air. That’s what happened to us. We were just sitting there, it was starting to get dark, and we were becoming really panicky. We started making our way back through the woods, and we heard something following us. I just remember these two bright lights… they looked like eyes. Then there were these terrifying sounds like intense growling. We just took off. We never found out -officially- what it was.

Then back in my early twenties I encountered the Zozo demon while using a Ouija board. I didn’t realize at that time that it was Zozo. The planchette kept going to ‘Z,’ never ‘Z’, ‘O.’ Long story short, we ended up talking to it. It said it could ‘come into us.’ My friend and I had this old dagger that we were holding, and we said, ‘Yeah, do it! Come into us.’ It was at that moment that my buddy jumped up, got on top of me, and tried to stab me in the throat. I was holding him back as hard as I could. Shaking him. Trying to get him to snap out of it. The knife was literally not less than an inch away from my throat. Suddenly he just snapped out it. He was in tears. He had no idea what was going on. I was scared, man. If I would have released even the littlest bit of force I was applying to keep him back, he would have stabbed me right in the throat. I’ve no doubt of that.

Fast forward many years later, and we investigated the Zozo case in Oklahoma (Season 10, Episode 3, “The Zozo Demon”). When I started doing the interviews and hearing the stories, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s basically what I had encountered.’ Maybe that was part of what I was talking about… about us coming together for a reason.”

“Ghost Adventures” fans are amazing. There’s really no one else out there like them. We would never have had the opportunity to do what we love to do so much if it weren’t for them. Our fan base, man… they’re such diehards. Like when we’re live tweeting during the new episodes… it just feels so good. I mean, you’re doing what you love, with people that are your friends, and then on top of that you’re getting the appreciation from a hardcore fan base? It really makes our whole experience come full circle. I love hearing from them. Sometimes it’s tough because we get so many tweets that it is overwhelming at times. It’s hard to respond to them all, but I try to as much as I can.

I don’t really know what other people do. I don’t really watch a lot of other shows. Why we are more successful or get more attention from spirits… well, we really put ourselves out there. We open ourselves up, and we’ve been doing this so long… I think we’ve really formed a connection and just really know how to tap into it. It just comes down to being ourselves. Maybe that’s another reason we’ve been brought together. We’ve all learned to listen to our senses. I always say the human body is the best equipment when it comes to finding things or picking things up. Like when we’ll say to ourselves, ‘For some reason that back room is calling me. Let’s go back there!’ Then we do and something crazy happens. It’s also like fishing. Sometimes we’re out there all night, and you’re only seeing about half an hour of any given lockdown. There’s a lot of nothing going on too. It’s really all about being at the right place at the right time. It’s a roulette game. It’s all a waiting game.


I always go into every investigation as a skeptic. We don’t just study the locations where we’re at, but we’re also studying the people. We really try and figure out who they are and if they are credible. I’ll say most of them really are. When someone tells us their experience, we will always try and do our own research to see if there’s anything we can find to corroborate what they’re telling us. Maybe go to a library, read through old newspapers, find a historian. We look for any and all ways to back up people’s claims.

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