Go Darker than Fifty Shades with The Fetish Set from Wild Eye Releasing

Shane Wheeler’s A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set was released on DVD earlier this week by Wild Eye Releasing so pick a safe word and dig in for your first look at some stills, the trailer, ordering info, and more!

Horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr. (Circus of the Dead, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) and scream queen Sarah Nicklin (The Disco Exorcist, Sins of Dracula) headline an erotic horror film that blurs the line between consensual fun and murder.

The DVD special features include a commentary with Sarah Nicklin, cast audition tapes, and more.

Four beautiful women (Jo [Nicklin], Mai, Reyna, and Angel) attend a fetish convention in South Texas hoping to make some easy money. One bad decision leads to another, and their limits – and limbs – are pushed beyond the breaking point.  They find themselves in a dark, underground world of obsession and murder, pursued by a sadistic serial killer (Oberst Jr.) who will stop at nothing to fulfill his sick desires. Now, no safe words can protect them as their lives are torn apart during the most brutal weekend of their lives.

FETISH SET 722x1024 - Go Darker than Fifty Shades with The Fetish Set from Wild Eye Releasing

Written by Debi Moore

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