Find Proof of the Devil on DVD

Another film crew, another demonic possession. Will this one actually yield Proof of the Devil? You can find out for yourself right now on DVD!

From the Press Release:
Truth is scarier than fiction, and this truth will scare the hell out of you. Feature horror-thriller Proof of the Devil, released 2.10.15, is now in stores!

Filmed by a documentary television crew, Proof of the Devil explores a mother’s journey to prove the innocence of her son. The story of serial killer Jesse Winters, aka “The Butcher,” rocked coastal Louisiana to its core. Does the slaughter of 23 innocent victims ring a bell? His mother, Kate Winters, claims her beloved son could never be capable of such monstrosity without the help of the Devil himself. But how far will she go to prove her son’s innocence?

For the first time on film, Kate Winters sets out to prove her son’s claim of demonic possession. Kate hires a film crew to document her journey and bring proof to the world. What happens next will terrify audiences as Kate pushes to the edge of humanity by journeying to the depths of Hell.

Just in time for your very own Friday the 13th fright fest, Proof of the Devil is now in leading retailers like Walmart with a digital release scheduled 3.3.15.

proof of the devil - Find Proof of the Devil on DVD

Written by Steve Barton

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