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The ugly-ass teaser posterIt’s coming. Like it or not. After the success of the Dawn of the Dead remake, one of Day was inevitable. Can it live up to the source material or even its remake predecessor? How closely will it follow Romero’s vision? Does anybody know anything? The silence from the studio has been deafening.

But news travels fast. Fangoria got word from writer Jeffrey (Final Destination) Reddick this morning, and finally the big picture is coming into focus.

We last we mentioned a bit of casting news here. Now it is learned that the returning Ving Rhames will not be reprising his role from Dawn. Instead, he’ll be playing — are you ready? — Captain Rhodes, the role made famous by the incomparable Joe Pilato.

“Obviously, we’re all extremely excited about landing this cast,” Reddick tells Fango. “Mena Suvari has the intelligence, strength and beauty needed for the role of Sarah, and Ving…well, he’s the man, what more can I say? Nick Cannon is playing Salazar, and people are going to see him in a whole new light after this role.”

“I believe we were able to attract a high-caliber cast because of the quality of the script and the passion of everyone involved,” Reddick continues. “The story is more of a reimagining than a shot-by-shot remake; think the Dawn of the Dead remake, not Psycho. The original Day of the Dead was a great film, and it would be arrogant to think that we could do a scene-by-scene remake of a Romero film with a bigger budget and do it better. Director Steve Miner’s in Bulgaria right now prepping for the shoot, and Millennium and Emmet/Furla have been a dream to work for. They really trusted Steve and I with the project, and we’re striving to deliver a horror film that will thrill the fans.”

Sounds promising. Well, as promising as can be I guess. Now if only we could get a poster that doesn’t fill me with the urge to wretch.

Uncle Creepy

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