Would Jesus Shoot Sasquatch?!? There’s Something Christian in the Woods


It was only a matter of time until we got a Christian Sasquatch movie. How much Bible-thumping will affect the movie is anyone’s guess, but we do know that Something in the Woods, from Saving Oscar Productions and produced by Godzone Ministry, is said not to have a single curse word, sex, or gore. What it will have, though, are some faith elements to the story! I know you’re excited now, right?

The flick, directed by Tony Gibson and David Ford, stars Ford alongside Angela Harger.

Strange and scary things happen at a small family farm, but for John Hartman there is only one thing to do: stand his ground against something that the rest of the world says doesn’t exist… until he realizes that nothing is more important than the safety of his family.

Something in the Woods - Would Jesus Shoot Sasquatch?!? There's Something Christian in the Woods



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