Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks to Something Awful for the image!So what do we have to be thankful for this year? Quite a bit, actually! As of July of this year Dread Central broke free from the bonds that had been holding us back for too many years to mention, finally grew a pair, and set off on our own. Since then we’ve seen all kinds of fortune (luck, not money) come our way and have laid the groundwork for a lot more to offer horror fans down the road.

We’re thankful for the fans who stuck with us, gave us more support than we could have ever hoped for in this crazy venture, and helped make us successful beyond our expectations just in the few months we’ve been on our own. If it weren’t for you guys reading the stories, listening to the interviews, disagreeing with the reviews (cause that’s what gets the kids talking!), signing up for our boards, or (most importantly) clicking our sponsor ads (had to, sorry), we’d have fallen on our collective face months ago.

We’re thankful for the writers who continually contribute new and badass material for us to post, like the reviews that are usually updated faster than you can count, as well as the people who throw ideas at us as to what we can do better and how. They’re the ones giving us the content you guys keep coming back for; without them it’s all for naught.

It’s been a good few months, and that can only mean things are going to get even better. We’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works that’s gonna make you guys thankful for sticking with us!

But primarily, above all else, we’re thankful those fucking turkey cobras don’t actually exist … Yet!




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