Ghostbusters Character Details; Why Ivan Reitman Isn’t Directing


Yesterday the planned cast and release date for the remaquel Ghostbusters were announced, and today we have the skinny on just what the the girls will be doing should they officially sign on to bust ghosts.

As per Hitfix:

Kristen Wiig is playing Erin Garber, a published author on the subject of the paranormal. Erin now works for Columbia University.

Leslie Jones is playing Abby Bergman, who co-authored the book with Garber. Since publication, the two former colleagues had a falling out and went their separate ways. Abby more actively chases ghost a la Ghost Hunters. This tension between academic investigation (Wiig’s character) and mainstream media investigation (Jones’ character) is central to the story.

Kate McKinnon is playing Abby Berman’s new partner, Jillian.

Melissa McCarthy is playing Patty, an NYC subway worker who stumbles across the main supernatural threat in the film.

Female Ghostbusters

Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones

Over at IGN they caught up with original director Ivan Reitman, who explained why he’s not directing the third film as well as his thoughts on the new film’s direction.

Between Billy Murray’s reluctance in doing another one – and especially when I returned from Harold Ramis’ funeral – I realized that actually, I may be able to talk Bill into doing another one, but I certainly can’t talk Harold into it,” explained the director of the first two flicks. “But I felt it needed fresh eyes as a director and somebody with new ideas. I had already done two of them, and I love the franchise, so I would continue as a producer but give somebody else the opportunity to bring their own ideas to this wonderful franchise.

Paul Feig, creator of “Freaks and Geeks” and director of Bridesmaids and The Heat is that pair of eyes.

He’s a really terrific director of comedy. He’s done particularly well with actors who are female, and his idea of doing this where the Ghostbusters are women was actually a terrific way to look at this afresh and not say, ‘Oh well, that person’s not as good as Bill’ and ‘That person’s not as good as Danny.’ It would cut down on those kind of comparisons, and you could just deal with the idea, which I really believe in.




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