New Turistas Poster, Clips & Exclusive Still!


All right, sickos, the time is nigh. The freshman release from Fox Atomic is just around the corner, and to prove (yet again) how much they love horror fans, they’ve provided us with two brand spanking new clips (which you’ve probably already seen on TV), a look at the final poster (sexy as hell), and an exclusive still from the film. Bad, bad stuff happens in this movie, kids, and this still is a damn good indication as to how far it can go. Early buzz on the film is very positive, which is always a good thing, so be sure you get your asses to theaters on December 1st. And hell, if nothing else, you’ll get to see the first trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2 while you’re there! Use the links below to fulfill your unnatural desires!

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2


Final Turistas poster (click to see it full size!)


An exclusive still from Turistas (click to see it full size!

Johnny Butane

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