First Visit to Third Mother


Asia Argento on the set of her father's Third MotherAlan Jones is back doing what he does best: hanging out on the set of a Dario Argento movie. As happens every time Argento’s shooting pretty much anything, Jones is there to see how things are going and lend his support as well as update the readers of Dark Dreams with as much information as he can gather during his time with the Master.

Of course the movie he’s seeing made now is one of the most iconic in Argento’s library, The Third Mother (the official title now), his return to the trilogy that started with Suspiria and Inferno. Though Mother of Tears is, I believe, a better title, Argento’s banking on it being sold as the third Mothers movie to get asses in seats.

Jones’ set report from Turin is now up along with the first set of behind-the-scenes pics from the film. All you have to do is click here to head on over to Dark Dreams and give it a read. So far the film sounds like it’s going to be something very special indeed with Argento himself describing it as a “Kandinsky slice of burnished surreality, where savage sexual imagery will compete with the hard violence to gloriously shocking effect.” Sounds good to me!

Johnny Butane

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Hope it’s better than Argento’s last few films in our forums!



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