T&A Alert: Sorrority House Slaughter


Sorority House Massacre!After driving me the brink of wanting to strangle him after making the scam masquerading as a movie that was Komodo vs. Cobra, it’s actually nice to see Jim Wynorski returning to the T&A slasher movie genre. Produced by Roger Corman’s New Concorde (with whom Wynorski has done similar films for like Sorority House Massacre II and Hard To Die), now comes Jim Wynorski’s Sorority House Slaughter! It seems they originally hoped to make this Sorority House Massacre 3 but that didn’t work out for some reason. Just drop the numeral, change “massacre” to “slaughter,” and you get instant movie magic. Close enough.

The plot of the film has to do with a reincarnated sorority girl returning to earth to avenge her death at the hands of her former sorority sisters. Thank goodness for that one sentence description otherwise I’d have had to describe the plot as having something to do with a girl that can shoot lightning, a psychotic slasher preying on woman that look a bit too old to playing college coeds, and tons of female nudity – sometimes in the form of a lesbian sex scene. Sorority House Slaughter!At least that’s all I could figure out from watching the jumbled trailer for Sorority House Slaughter now up at Google Video of all places. The amount of nudity should come as no surprise given that the cast reads like a who’s who of Playboy and Cinemax After Dark vixens: Katie James, Nikki Nova, Kitana Baker, Deanna Merryman, Stormy Daniels, Nikki Fritz, Charlie O’Neale, Samantha Phillips, and I believe I may have spied Brinke Stevens there at the beginning. It appears there’s so much nudity in this film that even the trailer is busting at the seams with gratuitous nudity. Suffice to say this trailer is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

As for the movie itself, yeah, it looks like crap, but not necessarily bad crap. After all the torture porn, retro-style slasher movies, and teen-oriented horror flicks of late I can’t help but find a film such as this for which there is no ambiguity whatsoever about what it has to offer viewers a bit on the refreshing side. It’s all about bodies: naked ones and dead ones – nothing more, nothing less. I’m there.

The Foywonder

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