Fox Atomic’s New 15 Gigs of Fame


Ever had a bad vacation? I once lost all of my luggage and my midget girlfriend when I landed in Las Vegas. You can’t believe what a pain it is to go two weeks in Sin City with only a pair of jean shorts and a “Nader for President ’00” shirt. That all pales in comparison to what happens in Brazil to a group of young backpackers, and I am sure it is much more painful than the type of body waxing that country made famous … FULL BRAZILIAN!!!

With Turistas‘ theatrical release just a little over a week away, Fox Atomic has launched a new 15 Gigs of Fame contest that is far from your simple lotto drawing. By heading over this way you can upload video clips and images into The Blender and create your own tale about the dark side of paradise. Sure it sounds like some work is involved, BUT it will certainly pay off because the grand prize winner will have his or her video featured on the Turistas DVD. Digital immortality can be yours for the cost of a little virtual elbow grease.

You better hurry your asses up. The contest ends on the 1st of December, the same day Turistas hits the big screen.

Kryten “Hairless” Syxx

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