Feed Your Fango!


For a couple of decades (and counting) there’s been one magazine that gorehounds have religiously gone to to get their horror fix — Fangoria. As horror fans we’ve all at one time or another dreamt about what it would be like to write for them. Well, their website just launched a feature that is sure to give readers a taste of what that would be like!

Fango Feeder

“FangoFeeder provides the latest horror news and gossip, as continuously submitted and updated by you, the fans”, writes Sean Decker of Fangoria.com. “Following a quick registration, you can select and post news stories or clips you consider important to the horror community. The site will provide links to headlines and clips from all over the net, whether they’re on Fangoria.com, other horror pages or sites devoted to games, trailers, mainstream news, reviews, etc. As long as it’s horrific, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. In addition, you can vote for your favorite links, and the ones with the most votes will rise to the top of the heap.”

Ah, the power of the internet! Head on over here to check things out and get started.

Uncle Creepy

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