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Sometimes you stumble upon great things by surfing around the internet. In this case, I stumbled upon the website for an upcoming horror flick called Succubus: Hell-Bent. I’d never heard of this one before and after checking out the site I find myself wondering how I could have let it slip past me up until now.

Adam is a filthy rich college kid from the Hollywood Hills on the prowl in Cancun for Spring Break. After having his way with numerous bikini-clad babes, Adam sets his sights on a bombshell named Lilith. He wines her, dines her, beds her, and then takes off with no plans to ever see or speak to her again. Adam returns home to his unsuspecting girlfriend and life of luxury unaware that Lilith has followed him with malicious intent. While having an unstable sexual conquest going all Fatal Attraction on you might be bad enough, it’s doubly bad when the girl you decided to play “love’em & leave’em” with turns out to be a succubus, a fallen angel turned demoness.

Here’s what’s so great about this premise. You’ve got this demonic succubus who’s been walking amongst us for eons and yet she can still get duped by a horny Spring Breaker just looking to score. That’s awesome!

Written and directed by former “In Living Color” staff writer Kim Bass, Succubus: Hell Bent stars newcomer Robert L. Mann as Adam and former Coors Light Girl Natalie Denise Sperl as the titular succubus. Other notables include Kelly Hu as an LAPD Homicide Detective following the trail of bodies Lilith leaves behind, David Keith as Adam’s billionaire father, Lorenzo Lamas as a flight instructor, and Gary Busey as the mystery man who may hold the key to Adam’s salvation from Lilith’s wrath.

Wait a minute … You mean to tell me that Adam is supposed to be the good guy? I think a lot of people – women especially – would argue that Adam’s only getting what he has coming to him. Go Lilith!

You can check out a small version of the trailer over at the film’s website or a larger sized version currently up on You Tube. I personally think it gives off a late 1980’s horror flick vibe to it – and I don’t mean that in a negative way, either.

When you’re done watching the trailer you can also have some fun playing a video game up on the film’s website that’s unlike any game tie-in I’ve ever seen on a movie’s website. It’s a first person shooter where you have a video camera and a mystical firearm. You use the weapon to fight off the succubus’ floating head while you use the video camera to get a variety of bikini girls to go wild and pop their tops. I think it goes without question that this game is Not Safe For Work.

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