Exclusive Bound Trailer Is Fifty Shades of Asylum Mockbuster


We told you a while back that The Asylum was prepping its own mockbuster of Fifty Shades of Grey entitled Bound, starring “Buffy/Angel” alumna Charisma Carpenter as a sexually-repressed woman, and behold! We now have a trailer for you! Cordy! Cordy! Cordy!

From the Press Release:
Hit-making production company The Asylum (SHARKNADO, “Z NATION”) teams up once again with with award-winning writer/director Jared Cohn (BORN BAD, HOLD YOUR BREATH) on BOUND. Set to be one of the most raw and sexually daring thrillers of the year, BOUND opens in theatres across the US on midnight, January 9, 2015. The film is scheduled to be available on HD online platforms starting with iTunes at the same time.

BOUND stars Charisma Carpenter, best known for her cult-classic role as Cordelia Chase in the massively successful “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE” series and its spin-off, “ANGEL.” Carpenter plays opposite newcomer Bryce Draper (MUCK), and industry veteran Daniel Baldwin (BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY, HELEN ALONE), who rounds out the cast as Carpenter’s powerful, supportive, and enigmatic father.

“We’re thrilled to bring BOUND to audiences, a film that has been compared to FIFTY SHADES OF GREY in that it addresses the subject of BDSM. However, our story is a very distinctive and pointedly modern version of the traditional dominant/submissive stereotype,” said Cohn. “At the very core, BOUND is a movie about personal growth that comes from fighting for yourself no matter what the circumstances or the cost.”

In a world of dominance, submission, and lust, the story follows the life of Michelle Milan (Carpenter), a wealthy divorcée and single mother working for her father, Walter (Baldwin), a Beverly Hills real estate mogul. Milan meets Ryan Black (Draper), a bold and sexually adventurous younger man who introduces her to the world of BDSM. Milan’s high-pressure life and values are thrown into question by her newfound romance, as she strives to navigate through a labyrinth of dangerous love and lust, high-powered business decisions, and keeping her family and her sanity in one piece.

“A modern, suggestively dangerous romp where power and dominance can be used for good and evil, BOUND captivates and surprises from the very first scene.” Cohn continued.

Writer/director Jared Cohn and Asylum continue their legacy of collaboration and pushing the limits of conventional filmmaking with BOUND. The pictures company and multi-talented Cohn have demonstrated their crowd pleasing recipe for box-office and VOD success in recent years with BIKINI SPRING BREAK (ROBERT CARRADINE, RACHEL ALIG), JAILBAIT (SARA MALAKUL LANE), ATLATINC RIM (GRAHAM GREENE), 12:12:12/EVIL BORN (SARA MALAKUL LANE), and HOLD YOUR BREATH (KATRINA BOWDEN, RANDY WAYNE).

“Jared Cohn truly succeeds in creating a commercially viable film that remains true to its artistic integrity. BOUND offers a unique take on a very current and relevant subject with brilliant performances by a stellar cast,” said David Michael Latt, Head of Production for The Asylum. “The film is a perfect fit for the current global market that has become seduced by the mysterious world of BDSM. BOUND does more than reveal secrets from this world – it is a story that pushes gender roles and pushes the limits of what we think we know in general.”

BOUND premieres across the US in selected theaters at midnight, January 9, 2015, and on HD online platforms starting with iTunes on February 10, 2015. It was filmed on location in Los Angeles.

bound - Exclusive Bound Trailer Is Fifty Shades of Asylum Mockbuster



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