Elle Fanning Sees Nicolas Winding Refn’s Neon Demon

The first casting news has arrived for the new film from Nicolas Winding Refn, entitled The Neon Demon, as The Wrap is reporting that the lovely Elle Fanning has signed on for demonic duty! Fanning will play an aspiring model who is caught in a world of beauty and demise.

Refn wrote the screenplay with new talent Mary Laws, described only as a horror tale with a young female-led cast.

The picture will be co-financed and co-distributed by France’s Gaumont and Wild Bunch, who were partnered on Refn’s 2013 pic Only God Forgives.

Refn says of The Neon Demon, “One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. Strangely, a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty.

Refn’s regular collaborators, editor Matthew Newman and composer Cliff Martinez, will be joined by The Grandmaster director of photography Philippe Le Sourd on the film. Refn’s partner, Lene Borglum, will produce under their Space Rocket banner.

Elle Fanning - Elle Fanning Sees Nicolas Winding Refn's Neon Demon

neon - Elle Fanning Sees Nicolas Winding Refn's Neon Demon

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