New Ending for Invasion?


Invasion delayed... (click to see it bigger!)Warner Bros just doesn’t learn, does it? Right here is a perfect example why just a few guys in suits making the decision of what works and what doesn’t is why most studio movies suck. A lot.

In this case I refer to Oliver (Das Experiment) Hirschbiegel’s quasi-Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake, The Invasion, starring Nicole Kidman as a scientist who discovers a new plague sweeping across the world has extraterrestrial origins. The film’s been done for a while now, but the release date keeps getting shifted around, the most recent move putting it at August 17th, 2007. Why?

According to a source at TMZ, it’s because production president Jeff Robinov was less than thrilled with the film’s ending, so now the Wachowski Brothers have been brought in to re-write the final third of the film, though Hirschbeigel and screenwriter Dave Kajganich will still get credit for the script.

So now the film is delayed almost another year and, if the rumors are true, will be getting some pretty major re-shoots, all because one guy in the studio didn’t dig the ending. Didn’t they learn anything from the Exorcist prequel debacle?

Johnny Butane

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