Get a Sneak Peek of The Rage Vol. 2: Kill or Cure


The Rage offers a quick one-two punch to fans of horror comics, and in January the final installment – Vol. 2: Kill or Cure – arrives to close things out.  Check out a sneak peek along with more details.

Written by Pierre Boisserie with art by Malo Kerfriden, Titan Comics’ The Rage Vol. 2: Kill or Cure hits stores on January 7th as a new virus, one that only affects children, spreads through the world, turning the next generation into rabid killers. Now humanity must kill its children or face extinction…

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It’s 2014. Two years have passed since a mysterious virus turned the world’s children into bloodthirsty monsters.

Amina, a former nurse searching for her infected son, Theo, manages to arrange a mission to the quarantine center where he’s kept. But instead of her son, she finds a little girl, Irina, who seems to be immune to the virus…

Meanwhile, in the Herod’s Militia camp, Amina’s husband, Fred, is beginning to question the real motives of his organization’s leaders.








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