The Gasp Menagerie: Church CONFIRMED Exorcism Footage!


Real exorcism footage is hard to come by. It’s not something most people think to film when it’s real as they’re usually a bit busy trying to help the victim to go all “found footage” and shoot it like a hipster at a concert.

However, in the Czech Republic, a man filmed part of a Roman Catholic exorcism through the keyhole of a church, and that footage has appeared online thanks to the Daily Express in the UK.

Due to the position of those involved and the nature of the keyhole video, there’s not much to see, but you’ll want to turn those speakers down if you’re at work or surrounded by toddlers. Or anyone fluent in Czech, since the woman apparently is shrieking obscenities in the language.

To say the footage is chilling is an understatement. If there are doubts about the authenticity, the Express reports that the Church has confirmed it is an authentic exorcism, while they refused to give any further details.

The Roman Catholic Church is known to go out of its way to verify that a possession is real before conducting an exorcism. Mental health issues are ruled out, as is fakery. This is likely some of the most complete footage of a modern, authentic exorcism we’ve seen.

Is possession real? Can entities from outside us gain access to our very being and force us to do horrible things against our will? Is the kind of rite heard here effective in dealing with possessions?

gasp menagerie - The Gasp Menagerie: Church CONFIRMED Exorcism Footage!

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