First Casting for Marshall’s Doomsday!


Rhoda Midra signs on for Doomsday!One of the coolest aspects of my recent trip out to London for the set of 28 Weeks Later had absolutely nothing to do with the movie; it was what went on in the hours we weren’t on set seeing the infected fuck shit up.

During one or our first nights out we were there we got to hang out with The Descent director Neil Marshall, and of course the topic of his next movie, Doomsday, was brought up and needless to say, it sounds like it’s going to be badass. Things are moving quickly on it now as The Hollywood Reporter delivered word that Rhona (Skinwalkers, “Boston Legal”) Mitra has been tasked with one of the lead roles in Marshall’s post-apocalyptic thriller.

30 years after a virus known as The Reaper has wiped out the population of a small country, the disease resurfaces in a new location and an elite group, of which Mitra will play the leader, is distpatched to find a cure for it once and for all.

Shooting on Doomsday is expected to start up as early as February of next year and the film will be distributed by Rogue when it’s all said and done. With all the good Marshall’s done handling our genre in the past few years I can’t wait to see what he does with a big budget and on an even bigger scale. Stay tuned for more as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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