Enter Titan’s Kingdom of the Wicked via this New Trailer


On January 6th Titan Comics is releasing a new​ ​horror/fantasy graphic novel series, Kingdom of the Wicked by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, and along with a peek at the interior artwork of Issue #1, we have a trailer to share.

Kingdom of the Wicked see​s​ t​he 21st Century’s greatest living children’s author sucked back into the world of his childhood daydreams – only to find it transformed into a landscape of horror, war, and famine. Can he escape this prison of the mind – or end the war that has devastated his imagination?

In this sumptuous collection of their first collaboration, Ian Edginton and D’Israeli – whose work together includes H.G Wells’ The War of the Worlds, Scarlet Traces, Stickleback, and Nevermore: Murder in the Rue Morgue – explore the knife-edge between childhood memory and adult nightmare.

The twenty-first century’s greatest living children’s author – Christopher Grahame – is drawn back into Castrovalva, the world of his childhood imagination, when the stress of his fame starts to weigh on him. But Castrovalva has gone to hell in his absence – devastated by war, famine, and loss. And now Christopher can’t wake up. Has he lost his mind… or his innocence?








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