Get an Early Look at Diamond Select’s Cthulhu Idol Vinyl Bank


Diamond Select's Universal Monsters Action Figures Star in New Animated Short FilmDiamond Select Toys has a pretty awesome line of vinyl figure banks already, and they’re about to add an oldie but a goodie to it.  Read on for your first look at their upcoming Cthulhu Idol Vinyl Figure Bank, which will be available for pre-order later this week.

Sculpted by Eli Livingston and packaged in a clear polybag, the Cthulhu bank will sell for just $23.99.

Product Description:
Save some money for the mother of all rainy days with this vinyl bank of literary and cinematic deity Cthulhu.

Originating in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, the octopus-faced enslaver of worlds is now an 8-inch vinyl bank. Display him on your desk or shelf to signify your devotion to the Elder Gods!

WARNING: Idol possesses no supernatural properties.

Pre-orders will begin either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  Keep your eyes on the Diamond Select Toys website for additional info.



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