Horror in the Raw


It’s so hard to tell these day just based on the trailer if a film will be any good, as more and more editors are learning the fine art of classy trailer cutting to make a film seem a lot better than it actually is.

Such might be the case for Medium Raw, the debut film from Andrew Cymek, but I hope not because the premise has a lot of potential. Medium Raw takes place during a blackout at an insane asylum, the loss of power allowing all the criminally insane inmates, like Benny the Bull (who is enraged by the color red), Mabel Hatcher (a 400 lbs. cannibal), Oliver Wilthrop (who believes he can blend in with his surroundings and collects toes) and worst of all, The Wolf, to escape. The Wolf is a notorious killer who uses handmade metal claws and hydraulic jaw to attack his victims, both of which are kept on site at the institute for apparently just such an occasion.

So now we have a cop who has history with The Wolf stalking the halls of the asylum to try and stop the madman before he can get back into regular society, having to deal with all the other nutzoids at the same time, as well. The trailer is pretty cool if not a bit corny in parts, so here’s hoping the movie can live up to it.

Thanks to the folks at Twitch Film, you can check it out right here and the film’s official website (only a splash page so far) right here. We’ll let you know when we hear more about Medium Raw!

Johnny Butane

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