Techland Releases Opening Cinematic for Dying Light


Dying Light reminds you that your days are numbered. Techland has released the opening cinematic for its upcoming zombie, open world survival game, and it appears that time is not on your side.

The trailer asks, “Will the ministry still go through with its stated plan to annihilate the city, in an attempt to wipe out the Harran virus once and for all?”

There is no word on how deeply this will factor into gameplay. Techland did reveal that the efforts to eradicate the city by the Ministry of Defense are being countered by “the Global Relief Effort – a privately funded international humanitarian organization.”

In Dying Light, players will be entering the quarantine zone as Kyle Crane, a secret operative sent into Harran on a mission that appears straightforward, but soon becomes “a move in a game of chess for the highest stake.”

The premiere of the game’s opening cinematic comes a week after Techland released a lengthy story trailer and the first fifteen minutes of gameplay.

The last-gen versions of Dying Light were recently cancelled. The news was revealed via Facebook and attributed to previous console technology being unable to,“stay true to the core vision.”

Dying Light will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC January 27, 2015.

To learn more as it is revealed, keep an eye on the Dying Light website and “like” Dying Light on Facebook.

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