EA Goes to Hell(gate)


Hellgate London (click to see it bigger!)Hellgate: London, a PC first person action RPG from a lot of the team that brought us the demonic Diablo games, is one of those games that has looked interesting for well over a year.

Up until now Namco Bandai Games were going to publish the game in America by themselves, but I guess Hellgate is too big for anyone one publisher to handle. Gamespot brought us news this week that EA have just announced that they’re joining forces with Namco Bandai to help them get the first game on shelves across the country.

Namco are hoping that Hellgate, like Diablo before it, will become a big franchise down the line and are holding onto the exclusive right to publish further games in the series for at least the time being.

Hellgate: London was a big hit at E3 this year, with its randomized level design and massively customizable characters and weapons, so both publishers look to profit from this promising looking PC game. Keep your browser tuned to Dread Central for more updates at they happen!


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