New Indie Horror The Tenant

tenantpic1small - New Indie Horror The TenantToday we received word on a new horror film coming our way called The Tenant. Michael Berryman, J. LaRose, Bill Cobbs and Randy Molnar star in the film, which was directed by newbie Ric La Monte.

The story is about a doctor who is obsessed with curing all disease through genetic manipulation. His obsession overtakes him, cutting him off from the rest of his life including his wife and his duties at Edgewood Asylum. His well-meaning nurse decides to take matters into her own hands…

tenantpic2small - New Indie Horror The TenantWhat she creates defies all description, and the only way the good doctor can stop it is to bring its short but horrific life to an end. Or is it?

You can check out more info on The Tenant at its official site, which the film’s first teaser is calling home. Expect more soon!

Johnny Butane

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