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Today is Election Day in the United States. If you’ve turned on the TV news, picked up a newspaper, or visited a news website, then you already know that today’s mid-term elections are amongst the most talked about in recent ages. Some of you will head out today to vote Republican or Democratic or even for a third-party candidate. Some of you won’t even bother to vote at all. Perhaps your reason to abstain stems from a general distrust for today’s politicians. Let’s face it; the whole political process has a stink to it akin to a pig wallowing in its own filth. For those of you who feel that way, I may have just found the candidate for you. I’ll just quote the synopsis as I really don’t think there’s any better way to explain it:

Melvin Babirusa for Senate! The cry goes out far and near, and it sounds suspiciously like the squeal of a pig. That’s because Melvin is a pig. He’s rude, obnoxious, and inconsiderate. He stuffs his face with lousy food, swears up a storm, lies like Pinocchio on crack, and accepts a bribe where ever and when ever possible. And believe it or not, things are about to get worse.

While taking a strip-joint break out on his campaign trail, Melvin picks up a curse after eating a plate of suspicious baby-back ribs. Groaning, writhing, and defecating Melvin transforms into a vicious warthog-man, who plows a furrow of death and destruction through the rural farming community of Haslet. It’s up to the heroic town Sheriff and his able Deputy to investigate the nasty goings on.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to distinguish between the nasty deeds of the warthog-man and those of the local idiots. But Mrs. Strickland knows. Can this righteous woman save her community? Will the not-so-right Reverend step in with his miraculous powers of prestidigitation? Will charming young Mary Beth, the diner waitress, keep abreast of the piggish manners exhibited by passing would-be senators? And what of Melvin? The good news is his poll numbers are up. The people seem to like him. They relate to his “every day Joe” persona. Will he win the election? People; be careful who you vote for. He might just bite you in the ass.

The movie-to-be is entitled Sooey! Sounds a bit Troma-esque (which can be either a good thing or a bad thing) but it definitely sounds like something so odd that I really want to see it happen. You don’t find too many films that fall into the horror-political satire hybrid, certainly not any that are based around human-warthog hybrids.

With any luck we’ll be hearing more about this bizarro sounding motion picture in the near future. According to Fantastic Films International’s website, shooting of $14 million production is set to begin sometime in early 2007. The campaign manager behind Sooey! is writer-director-producer Jurgen Heimann, who previously helmed the twisted puppet short Puphedz: The Tattle-Tale Heart, and had done various FX work on such Hollywood blockbusters as Hellboy, Blade II, Men in Black, Team America: World Police, and Robot Jox.

Robot Jox … He’s already got my vote!


The Foywonder

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