Sackhoff Speaks of The Light


White Noise 2: The Light (Click to see it bigger!)All’s been quiet for a while now regarding White Noise 2: The Light, the assumption being that they’re putting the finishing touches on it now to prep its release in theaters next year. Katee Sackhoff, who plays a nurse named Sherry in the film, recently chatted with Sci Fi Wire about how different the role was from her day job (Starbuck on “Battlestar Galactica”), and thus the silence was ended.

“We were shooting this scene in a parking garage, where Nathan [Fillions]’s character, Abe, saves me,” she told the site. “I was getting attacked by a mugger, basically and I’m getting pulled into this van. And I was like, ‘This is so weird to me. If this was Battlestar Galactica, I would just drop-kick him.'”

Sackhoff had some very positive things to say about the movie, calling the sequel a “great story” about death’s design and its plans for us if we were to be saved from it. Wow, sounds like another franchise we’re all familiar with, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter. Serentity and Slither star Nathan Fillion’s in it, so I’ll be there opening night.

Look for more on White Noise 2 very soon!

Johnny Butane

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