Get Spooked by the Trailer for Haunting Melissa Sequel Dark Hearts


If you’re a fan of the spooky digital ghost story Haunting Melissa and have been anxiously awaiting its sequel, Dark Hearts, first announced back in June, then we have a belated Halloween treat for you in the form of the app’s trailer.

From the Press Release
The sequel app to Hooked Digital Media’s Haunting Melissa is an unsettling horror mystery about a teenage girl who unexpectedly disappears. Last year’s Haunting Melissa was a modern-day, multi-layered ghost story that creeped out more than 5 million viewers.

Dark Hearts is an unusual horror movie as it was filmed/created especially for iOS.  With Haunting Melissa, Neal Edelstein, an award-winning horror genre independent filmmaker and the producer of The Ring, The Ring Two, and Mulholland Drive, re-invented the storytelling experience with innovative app technology for mobile and tablet devices.  The new technology allows the delivery of content in varied lengths received at unpredictable intervals.

Dark Hearts will be released the end of November and available for iOS devices in the App Store.

Get ready for Dark Hearts by watching Haunting Melissa here.

To learn more, visit the official Haunting Melissa website, follow Haunting Melissa on Twitter, and “like” Haunting Melissa on Facebook.






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